My week has been so engaging. It’s been an unending journey from drawing to illustrations then nature photoshoots and photoshop. I always wonder what the heavens look like, how beautiful it would be if just the moon, stars and sun already makes the blue sky this pretty. I think you need to have a view of the sky early in the morning, watch how the birds in unity spread their wings and fly around without colliding with each other; what a large sky. I couldn’t help myself, I immediately grabbed my camera to capture the moment.

Quote by: Longfellow. Photo credit: Fiwajomi Tomiwa.

It crossed my mind that at 5am these birds were up and had started the days hustle. Some people actually find it normal to still be in bed at hours when they should be working productively. Hunger and poverty has taken over the land, many can no longer afford a three square meal due to their unhealthy planning, actions or inactions. Sometimes it isn’t the witches from our father’s house in the village that causes stagnation. It is sheer laziness and inactivity. Let’s wake up from our slumber, fasten our belts while we are still young. You have a role to play in building your future. Learn a lesson or two from nature, from the birds of the air, the ants and the Lilly by the riverside. The right timing is key to achieving success. Wake up and do that which needs to be done.

Written by: Fiwajomi Tomiwa.